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A powerhouse for solving WordPress speed issues

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10Web Booster eliminates speed-related issues for WordPress sites, automatically.

  • Automated 90+ PageSpeed
  • Improved Core Web Vitals
  • Cloudflare Enterprise CDN
  • Full website caching
  • Unmatched security

Automatically speed up
websites on any hosting

10Web Booster automatically optimizes the frontend speed of any WordPress site, bumping it up to the 1% of world’s fastest loading websites that pass Core Web Vitals assessments.

No manual action is required from your side – we cover the technical parts automatically.

Faster websites, higher security, and
results that inspire growth

Get better scores Get better scores

As CDN caches content in hundreds of servers around the world, it reduces load times by being closer to the end user.

Faster TTFBFaster TTFB

Serve static files to your visitors faster, reduce
the Time to First Byte for static content and the load on initial servers.

Switching to Enterprise CDN

While the free CDN is a good start, Enterprise-grade CDN ensures more advanced performance and security improvements for bigger websites.

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