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Privacy Policy

We value your privacy and are committed to protecting the privacy of your information 2024. 

This Privacy Policy (or “policy”) describes how we use the personal information you provide and the rights you have.

1. Privacy Policy Overview

Many involved websites, mobile applications, and linked apps are owned and operated by us; these, together with other online web pages and services, are referred to as “services” or “our services.”

This policy’s notification of our rules and practices regarding user data is one of its main goals. You have accepted the Terms of Use (or ToU) by using the services offered; this policy is part of the Terms of Use.

2. Information We Collect, Receive, and Create about You

When you join, interact with our services, set up pages, profiles, or contributions, or make your personal information public, we can collect or access your information. We could also get information about you from other sources. 

Data you provide when you sign up: For example, this includes your login, password, subscription details, and the basic information of any other accounts you decide to link to your registration, such as your Google, Apple, or Facebook accounts.

Data you provide when you create profiles, pages, or contributions: These are inputs created by users; examples include forum posts and comments, contact information, demographic data you choose to provide, and the contents of your profile, including your name and profile picture. We aim to allow people to interact, share, and become part of an online community. 

Users’ chosen sharing of personal information might come under this category. We ask every user to choose carefully what they share online. The information you choose to make public while using our services is not our responsibility, nor that of our parent business, companies, or partners. 

Inferences: From your hobbies, to where you stay, to the language or languages you speak, and from other data we have access to, we can gather information about you. 

Data we collect through your use of our services: When we use our services to help you or assist, we create and maintain records. Also, we could gather data about what you do with our different services (or specific sections of them) and any outside material you view on our websites and applications. Also, we track your interactions with the advertisements you view. 

Data we receive from third parties: We might get information about you from outside sources, such as social networking sites. Please be aware that this policy does not cover third parties’ practices, including those who may provide information to us.

3. Sensitive Personal Information

We do not collect or process sensitive personal data, such as color, ethnicity, or religion; instead, it is only used when necessary for legal reasons or to prevent crime.

 4. Direct Marketing:

We could use your contact information to get in touch with you about services that might interest you, such as future promotions. It is free for you to opt out of receiving SMS messages at any time by unsubscribing. 

5. Cookies: 

We gather information on our websites, applications, and gadgets using cookies and related technologies. We also allow data and appropriate advertising from other service providers. How we use cookies for our companies is explained in our Cookie Policy.

6. Other Third Parties:

We may also share your personal information with the following:

  • Relevant third-party provider; our Services can use third-party extensions, advertising, or content by your privacy choices, our Terms of Service, and your privacy settings.
  • Merchants, associates, or advertisers with whom you have agreed to deal, entered promotions or engaged in other activities.
  • third-party processors (data centers, analytics companies, etc.) worldwide, subject to the conditions and restrictions;
  • authorities, including legal and regulatory, upon request or to report any suspected or actual violation of any applicable law or rule; 
  • Any party, to the extent necessary for creating, exercising, or defending legal rights, as instructed by a court or law enforcement organization.
  • Law enforcement to prevent, detect, or investigate criminal acts and any related court cases.
  • Relevant third parties in the event of a full or partial purchase.

7. Data Security and Breach Handling:

We put the proper organizational and technological security measures in place to protect your data from misuse, loss, changes, and illegal removal while it’s in our custody. By existing laws and regulations, all parties we enter into contracts must consent to provide the right data security measures for the customer information we share.

Let’s say we discover a security issue that impacts our users. If that’s the case, we could alert the public on our Help and Support Security Center by blogging or sending you an email or other direct communication. 

Please email [email protected] if you have any cause to think that your information with us has been compromised (for instance, if someone else has gained unauthorized access to your account).

8. Data Retention:

We will retain your personal information as long as necessary in connection with the purposes set out in this policy and following applicable laws.

9. Your Rights For Your Personal Information

Privacy laws in the US, UK, Brazil, EU, and other countries provide customers with specific rights, such as the CPA, UK GDPR, LGPD, LGPD, and CTDPA, granting them various benefits.

Your rights: 

  • Right to Withdraw Consent: If you are asked to consent to processing your personal data, you are free to change your mind at any time.
  • Right to Know: You must know what personal data we collect, use, share, and sell. The purpose of this policy is to make your data transparent. You can write us at privacy@email if you have any more questions.  
  • Right of Access: You can ask us for a copy of the personal data we’ve collected from you. 
  • Right to Delete/Erase: You have the right to ask us to remove every piece of data we have on file about you. It is important to remember that if you use your right to be deleted, you might not be able to access your account or any related services, points, or purchases. Contact Us to request that we no longer use any or all of your information to offer services or stop your account.  
  • Right to Request Modification: You can contact us to have your information updated if you discover that any of the data we are processing is incorrect. In response, we will delete or cancel your information, but we also reserve the right to keep and use copies of data to carry out our agreements, satisfy legal requirements, and settle disputes. There are requests where we might need further details.
  • Right to Opt-out of the Sale or Sharing for Targeted Ads: In a few cases, we could sell or disclose the personal information you give us to show you advertisements that are relevant to your interests. You can request that your data not be sold or shared by emailing privacy@EMAIL or filing a request through the Privacy Portal. We might need further details to confirm your request.
  • Right to Object to the Processing: There are situations in which you can use our privacy site to object to our processing of your personal data. You might be unable to use any or all of our services if you object to processing. Only personal data used for commercial reasons is covered by this right. 
  • Right to Object to the Use of Sensitive Personal Information: You have the right to object to sensitive personal information, including sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, religion, and political views.
  • Right to Object to Automated Processing: You have the right to object when your data is processed to avoid automated decision-making about you. 
  • Right to not be Discriminated Against: It is your right to be treated equally when you exercise your rights.  
  • Right to Complain (EU, UK, Switzerland): You have the right to file a complaint about how your information is being collected or used without changing any other rights you may have. You can file a complaint with the local authority responsible for data protection.

Please visit our Privacy Portal and fill out the form to make privacy requests. 

Also, you can email [email protected] to us. Please look to the “Contact Details” section below for our contact details.

You might be required to provide identification before we allow you certain benefits. We need the user’s signed letter of consent if you are submitting a request on their behalf.

10. How to Change Your Preferences:

You can change your preferences anytime. Below is a list of some of the actions you can take. 

Changing Your Information: Maintaining accurate personal data is crucial for accessing the best coupons from merchants and business partners. To edit or remove data, log in to Services and select “Profile.” Information may be kept for legal requirements, dispute resolution, and agreement upholding.

Your Newsletter and Email Subscriptions. You can opt-out or unsubscribe from newsletters or emails by following instructions, taking five to ten working days. Emails may still be part of specific services, and you may still be contacted if you provide multiple email addresses. If you close your account, you can still be contacted.

Opting Out of Tracking. Our services do not recognize browser do-not-track signals. However, changing your browser’s privacy and security settings can control cookie handling. Consult your browser’s instructions for cookie-related options and help sections in toolbars.

Location Based Services. Setting the relevant option on your mobile device (typically found in the Settings area) will allow you to opt out of having your Precise Location Data gathered at any time.

California Residents. When you use our services, we can collect Personal Information about your online activity by the California Online Privacy Protection Act. Residents of California who use our services may seek and receive specific information on any Personal Information sent to third parties for direct marketing purposes, thanks to the “Shine the Light” statute in California. If you are a resident of California and would want to make such a request, or if you would like us to stop collecting your personal information, please use the written contact information provided in Section 14 to complete your request.

11. How this Privacy Policy May Change:

We can edit or change this policy anytime. Unless otherwise noted, any changes will take effect during publishing. Once a policy update is published, you agree to the changes by continuing to use our services. We will only use your data in an entirely new manner with your agreement, and we’ll let you know before making any policy changes that greatly change how we handle your personal information.  

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